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Ivan S. Ivanov
61056, Kharkov, Turgenjeva str, 8, ap # 9. Tel.: (0572) 43-43-43 (home) (0572)19-19-19 (work)
Qualification: Have a 3 years of experience of the work on the Ukrainian market connected with consumer goods; experience in management 2 years; experience of personnel work in the field of marketing, direct and indirect sales of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Aim: getting the position of commercial director, regional manager, executive director, head of sales department.
Work experience
09.10.99 till present time
director of Kharkov department of SP Sygma, Russia.
Specialization: wholesale alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks trade
Main responsibilities:
  • Organization of the direct distribution in Kharkov and Kharkov region
  • Market analyses
  • Organization of departments accounting
  • Organization of interaction between department and central office
  • Complimentary goods buying
Number of staff under power 30
Results of work: during my work output of the department have raised up to 200%
Reason for leaving: companys reorganization
06.97-10.99 Regional manager, responsible for development of Likotrade wholesale trade net.
Specialization: : trade with alcoholic production
Main responsibilities:
  • Research of alcoholic production market in Ukraine, analyses of consumer demands, research of competitors, traders and producers of alcohol
  • Deep research of trade net and making the trade routs
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Delivery control
  • Money return control
  • Personnel selection and Education
  • Holding PR
Results of work: raise of sales up to 50%, distributors staff was selected and trained
Reason for leaving: absence of growth perspectives

HAI, magna cum laude
02.2002 Expert-Plus: "Effective Administration of Business Talk"
05.1995 Educational center LSS: Training Steps to Success
Additional information: Driving license category B, personal car VAZ 2106, 1991. PC user, basic English. International passport.
Personal information Birth 23.02.71
Married, have a child. Agree to move to other city
Recomendations on request

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