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References from training participants
"Effective Administration of Business Talk"

Megacom Undoubtedly, the "Expert-Plus" consulting firm is one of the leaders among companies that work with personnel. "Expert-Plus" trainings not only teach new skills, but also hone practical skills of business communication that are crucial for successful business talks, help gain self-assurance, form a team and charge the participants with positive energies.

Megacom's staff
  Media-Objektiv From may to December of 2002 we used the programme of "Effective Administration of Business Talk" to teach our entire trade personnel, trainer - Irina Markevich.

All of our co-workers understood the programme fully, and constantly utilise the gained expertise in practice. As a result, managers work better, the effectiveness of business talks was increased.

I was the first of our organisation to pass the training. And I can strongly recommend this programme to executives of all levels, as well as sales section workers, as we conduct business talks on a daily basis.

P.S. In addition, due to the fact that we all passed this programme, it became a lot easier for us to understand each other and find resolutions for different work situations.

Tatjana Landesman, deputy marketing director
FOSS Software Inc. When I came to "Bizpro" to fill out an application for participation in the training, the woman working with these documents said "well, I see you, too, are applying to the best trainer in Kharkiv!" She was absolutely right. Irina Markevich is "a playing coach", she teaches exactly what she does herself, what you can immediately use in practice.

I strongly recommend this training - it is very useful.

Alexandr Bugrimenko

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