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About Our Company

Aim – matching employers with most skilled potential employees.

We use our first class international experience in the labour market to constantly improve our methods. Our services aid our clients in achieving top-level performance. Since 1995 we have been matching job-seekers with our client companies. That is why we know the needs of our clients and know how to realise them. Our consultants have only the interests of the client in mind.

Specialization: the following types of personnel, are our company's specialty:

  • top-level executive specialist
  • sales
  • finance and audit
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • technology
  • administration

Methods of searching candidates:

We utilise searches in our own database, executive search and the mass media to match candidates with companies.

The benefits of working with us:

  • all of our employees have higher education diplomas specialising in personnel work
  • regular overview of the labour market, published in the weekly "Business".
  • analysis of special skills of the potential employee using the expertise of specialists in the particular field
  • psychological testing and candidate evaluation
  • checking of candidate's documents and references

We hope for successful and fruitful work with you!

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