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Resume Work.

At this point, we can safely say that there isn't a single able worker who is not acquainted with a resume or CV ("curriculum vitae"). Every applicant starting work must provide his potential employer with a resume.

A good resume is the key to job-search. Remember three key points:

  • a resume is an opportunity for a first impression. Remember - you get only one shot at a first impression.
  • be selective, when introducing yourself in a resume. Your aim is to get the addressee to like you. Do not bore the recruiter or the direct employer with extra information, even if it seems important to you.
  • if you received a positive reply to your resume (e.g. a telephone call, invitation for an interview), then your resume has worked. Good resume may become a prelude to an interview - a personal meeting with the employer or his representative. However, you should not relax yet. This is still not a guarantee of employment, on the level of presenting a resume your aim is to get the reader to seek a personal meeting.

Experience shows that putting together a good resume is not easy. Many professional recruiters note that by far, not every resume is successful. Be sure to introduce yourself to the exemplary resume, compiled by our specialists, while working on a resume of your own.

Are you interested in the particularities of resume compilation for certain vacancies, or for foreign employers? Are you interested in the history of resume as a recruiterТs tool? Need more information? Write to us!

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