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Укрпродкомпания Dear sir!

Our company is honoured to say, that thanks to "Expert-Plus" we have gained many valuable co-workers in the Kharkiv representation, such as the executive director of the representation, section managers and regional sales coordinators. With their help the Kharkiv section has become one of the most successful and dynamically growing in Ukraine.

We are continuing our cooperation with "Expert-Plus" and recommend the recruiting services of this organisation.

Executive director of "UkrProdCompany" Pustilnik.
Alcatel The Kharkiv section (Alcatel-Kharkiv) of the company (Alcatel-Ukraine) shows that during our experience in working with "Expert-Plus" in personnel selection we have hired four new co-workers.

Hoping for a fruitful continuation of our relationship.

Executive director, "Alcatel-Kharkiv", Guy Budino.
Danone I am acquainted with "Expert-Plus" for more than 3 years. Our relationship began, when I was in need of sales agents for "Disk" distribution company, where I was the sales executive at the tome. 2 employees were hired through "Expert-Plus".

For 3 years I turned to Nataliya Yakovleva for consultations in personnel selection on more then one occasion.

In July of 2002 there was a need in a regional trade representative of Danone in Kharkiv. The employee was found quite quickly, and another employee for Central Ukraine followed. The professional skills of selected candidates are high, as the results of their work show. I would also like to point out the wonderful communicative qualities of "Expert-Plus" employees, the willingness to do the job ever better, and a healthy sense of humour created comfort and a good atmosphere in our work relations.

In my opinion, the practical experience of "Expert-Plus" is of much interest.

I recommend this company for personnel selection for both Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Sales Manger Andrey Usenin
Henkel Dear sir!

"Henkel-Ukraine" company reports that the exclusive distributor in Kharkiv region, "Tissa", gained 4 new co-workers while working with "Expert-Plus".

deputy sales director Kolos

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