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Personnel Selection
Conditions and levels of cooperation

1. A client's co-worker formulates the task and fills out the application.

2. After going over the application, a contract of recruiter’s services is formed.

3. The cost of our services is 1-1.5 realistic wage of the target specialist. As we are committed to achieving results, we offer the client to mender final payment for our services only after the candidate passes the testing term.

4. We utilise the following methods for candidate search: own database search, executive search, advertisement in mass-media, the internet.

5. Interviewing the selected candidates.

Providing the client with short resumes of the selected candidates. Psychological and professional testing. Preference check.

7. Administration of interview selections, administration of work task if needed.

8. "Expert-Plus" offers you a guaranteed follow-up for 3 months,in the case of failing the testing term, we provide a single free replacement.

 * Conditions of cooperation, discounts for recurring clients are discussed individually.

Thank you for trusting "Expert-Plus" with your personnel selection.

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